Recent articles discuss a lot of the different dietary uses of coconut products. While there are many different ways coconut products can be prepared to eat, coconut trees and fruit are also able to provide a lot of different non-dietary and non food based products. Coconut is also used for a lot of non-traditional foods and products and often times the tree is combined with the fruit to yield entirely new products.

Coconut trees themselves provide a lot of products, primarily wood used for manufacturing and making high quality furniture, arts, decorations and timber-based products. Coconut wood and timber is regarded as great for roofing, windows, railing, ceilings, sheds and a lot more. The advantages of coconut timber are that it can handle weight and also look great for decorative purposes. For example, in decorations, the timber can have various finishes and paints applied for different decorative purposes. Home decorating uses a coconut timber for trimming, panels and other decorative pieces for decoration. The timber is also used as the basis for other products and the timber can be used for clothing and other industrial products.

Coconut Products & Coconut Uses
Coconut Products And Their Uses According To Research Studies And Industry Experts

Coconut tree roots also have a lot of application in manufacturing and medicine. Many Asian countries hold coconut root in high esteem and use it for medications and preparations for health purposes. Asian medicine and usages use coconut roots for a belief in the potential anti-bacterial and anti-viral preparations such as for minor wounds and as a mouthwash. The roots can also be used to make fibrous materials such as weaves, strings, wiring, fabrics and clothes.

Coconut shells are widely used and popular in Asian countries since there are many applications for these shells. The coconut shells themselves, and not the meat or pulp attached to them, are used in many areas as bowls, cups and houseware. The shells also provide storage and a way to keep things fresh and kept away. The coconut shells can be repurposed as baskets used for transporting materials and the fibers are used from shells. There are also decorations made from coconut shells such as for bird feeders, clothing, art and other practical deocrative uses.

Like the roots of the coconut tree, coconut tree leaves have a lot of practical application in the home and in industry. The leaves can be used for making clothes and other fiber like materials. The leaves can also be woven and spun into various types of textiles for clothing and for baskets, trays, mats and other industrial and home products.

The coconut and coconut fruit are able to produce a lot of products that are able to be eaten and used in industry. Coconut products have industrial use in construction, clothing, trade, manufacturing, medicine and many other places. There are now many countries dedicated to growing coconut trees and fruit and thus using the entire tree for as many products as possible, ensuring the entire tree and its fruit is used with little to no waste.