The coconut has versatile uses and applications in the culinary and industrial fields. Coconut is famous for being used in a whole way for food and manufacturing uses. Coconut growers use the entire coconut tree and what it produces for their products. The yield from a coconut tree is high in terms of profit margin since the entire tree and what it produces is used for products. This also makes harvesting coconut trees an attractive thing since there are many potential revenue streams possible from coconut. With many coconut products the individuals and companies growing and producing coconut have the ability to sell coconuts to many different industries.

Coconut trees also produce a lot of different coconuts throughout a year which is attractive to both farmers and companies. Coconuts are natural products and therefore are influenced by growing conditions, seasons and crop health. Coconuts are desirable though since a tree produces a lot of coconuts throughout the year and these coconuts are turned into usable products.

With the rise of technology, processes such as cold pressing and flash processing allow growers to preserve coconut products quick and without a lot of expenses. Harvesters usually grow their coconuts and send them to a packaging and preserving facility they either have themselves or work with nearby.

The water, meat and pulp from coconuts is delicate and must be pressed and handled right after coconuts are opened. If this is done then coconuts can be processed quickly. Once coconuts are processed they are shipped immediately to manufacturing facilities or the actual pressed products such as oils and waters are shipped to stores.

Additional technology is required to process other parts of coconut trees such as timber and shells. These technologies are usually either located where coconuts are harvested or sometimes the materials such as timber is sent directly to manufacturing facilities where coconut timber is manufactured into different products.

According to different studies and research, the coconut industry is doing well and the demand for coconuts increases. The potential health benefits of coconut products traditionally is why the coconut industry does well, and the ability for coconut flavors to work well with food also is why coconut has such a demand. Additionally, according to research and studies there are potential health benefits from coconut that people want in coconut. The health and home products from coconut also keep coconut in demand and popular.