Coconut is used by many for a variety of cooking needs and dishes. Coconut has different forms that lend well to cooking all sorts of foods and desserts. Coconut is becoming a preferred alternative and substitute for traditional cooking ingredients. It’s also a great alternative for many different ingredients in different styles and forms of cooking.

Coconut flour is becoming popular due to people avoiding allergens such as gluten. Thus coconut flour has become a popular alternative to wheat based flours. Coconut flours can be used for baking and deep frying foods. In addition to baking and deep frying, some people prefer to use coconut oil for baking and deep frying entirely.

Using coconut to deep fry foods is a newer tradition originating more in the southern USA. However, coconut flour is becoming more widespread across the entire USA. A lot of organic bakeries locally and across the USA are producing coconut baked products such as cookies, cakes and snacks. In addition to these products, coconut is becoming a preferred ingredient for these snacks across the country.

Coconut milk products are also achieving a lot of popularity. About half a decade ago the entire cow based dairy industry entered into legal battles with producers of coconut and non dairy milk products in an attempt to have coconut milk producers stop using the word milk in their products. Dairy milk producers claimed coconut milk producers were misleading the public and that coconut was not a traditional milk product. Undoubtedly, dairy milk producers were noticing their sales going to coconut milk producers. Research suggests this is in part due to an increase in allergies and lactose intolerance to milk products while there are also a lot of people that want to avoid dairy products for other personal health issues.

The eventual legal battles resulted in the producers of non dairy milk able to call their products milk even though they are not dairy based. This decision resulted in a lot of shelf space going to non dairy milk products. More shelf space to non dairy milk products resulted in more sales for these non dairy milk products.

The eventual battle then also waged between all of the producers of non dairy milk products for shelf space since consumers began getting non dairy milks. Coconut milk products are definitely regarded as a top non dairy milk product and are often used as a partial or whole substitute for dairy based milk products and milk products containing forms of dairy.