In the previous 2 posts the many uses of coconut trees were discussed. Continuing the discussion of coconut product uses, it is good to consider what the outside of the coconut itself is often used for. The outside of a coconut is called the coir, and it has a rough texture with what feels like string and fiber coming from it. The string like fiber is a natural elastic and it used for textiles, clothing, home products and industrial products.

The coir is used for floor mats, brushes, brooms, ropes and strings, stuffing and for industrial uses such as caulking and preserving agents for foods and materials. Coir is used in a lot of nets and packaging.   

An Infographic on various Coconut uses

Different parts of the coconut can also be combined to make desireable products for health and beauty such as for hair and skin. For example, a lot of coconut water and meat is combined to make oils, lotions and waters for topical application to the skin and hair. Shampoos also use a creamy form of coconut based products for shampoos and conditioners.

The ability to combine coconut water with meat and change the viscosity allows for the production of many grades of waters, lotions, oils, powders and other topicals able to be used on the body and hair effectively. The same processes of obtaining these products also is used to create coconut products that can be eaten as food or taken as a supplement.

Individuals often prefer to either apply coconut products topically or eat them for their benefits. In addition to the research and studies for the effects of eating coconut products, there are also studies showing the benefits of applying coconut products to the body.

When coconut is used as a shampoo, studies suggest the nutritional benefits of coconut do not absorb into the body the same way as a lotion does. Lotions containing coconut oils are able to stay on the body longer than shampoo in different ways and lotions have the ability to absorb into the body through the skin since it remains on the skin.

These combined coconut product uses give the coconut a resilient reputation for diversity since it can be used for a lot of products. Coconut finds a lot of popularity among its users since when coconut is including either in diet or as a healthcare product the user usually is familiar with the benefits of coconut and is more inclined to use a variety of coconut products.