National Coconut Day
Family benefiting from Lighting Up Lives

Many coconut farmers do not have access to electricity. The CCA Lighting Up Lives initiative provides appropriate interior lighting to the homes of coconut farmers who do not have access to electricity to assist with their evening activities and for the children to have sufficient light for studying. Primex Isle De Coco Foundation & Charity, Inc. together with Coconut Coalition of the Americas will provide solar panels that can power at least three (3) light sources for each house. During National Coconut Day 2021, we raised enough money to provide solar lighting to nearly 400 coconut farmer families. 

Message from Administrator Benjamin Madrigal

Frequently Asked Questions

CCA’s Lighting Up Lives initiative will benefit 150-200 coconut farmers globally who meet the following criteria:

  1. Farmer’s home does not have access to electricity
  2. Farmer has children who will benefit from solar-powered lights to study and do homework
  3. Farmer is active with the Isle de Coco Foundation and working under a qualified supplier

The majority of coconut farmer homes are located in far-flung areas that are not accessible to electricity so they make use of gas lamps and candles at night. This is a challenge for students who need to study after dark. Providing solar-powered lighting to a farmer’s home will significantly improve the life of the family, especially the children who will be able to study at night. 

Selection of farmers to installation will be three months (installation will be completed by the end of September).

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