CCA Verified Program

Establishing confidence in compliance, and the consistency of an unadulterated supply chain for the coconut industry

Disclaimer: CCA’s VCO verification program is not a product quality seal. Use of the VCO Verified logo indicates that the company using the logo provides or sources only from CCA verified suppliers of VCO.

The CCA Verified VCO Program establishes quality parameters for coconut products. CCA members participate to assure integrity across their supply chains. All CCA member companies are committed to its quality, ethics, and sustainability programs; with global watch on the coconut industry. To steward the coconut category, CCA and its members seek transparency and authenticity. This VCO testing program is the beginning of efforts to ensure that consumers receive high quality materials with every purchase. The ultimate goal of this program is to establish multiple quality standards, including testing and procedures for all kinds of coconut products.

Note: CCA will not publish or in any way announce the names or brands of failed tests.

Celebrating Our Verified Members

As CCA members and prospects continue to engage in our Verified Program, we will highlight those pushing the industry forward. Click the image to find out more about our Verified Members!

This program focuses on verifying the identity of virgin coconut oil, according to the current USP method, as well as confirming, through a separate validated method, that the material has not been adulterated and is in fact, virgin coconut oil (VCO).

Brands can show their commitment to product integrity by sourcing from and showing that they source from CCA verified suppliers of VCO.

Consumers can know that the brands they are buying are committed to product integrity and trust these products to be non-adulterated VCO.


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