Verified VCO Testing and Procedures

The CCA Verified Supplier Program (CCA-VSP) is a program which establishes certain quality parameters for coconut products. CCA members participate in the program to be able to use the CCA Verified Mark that assures integrity across their supply chain.

Program Elements

The ultimate goal of this program is to establish multiple quality standards, including testing and procedures for all kinds of coconut products

For VCO Supplier Members – this Program is a condition of membership in CCA
Non-VCO supplier members with products along the supply chain can send supplier samples to be ‘verified’, or work with their suppliers to have samples provided; should they do so, the supplier is considered CCA verified as is the brand. Whomever submits the sample will be invoiced as noted below
This program is required for members who deal with VCO as an input, in-process, or output in order to claim CCA verified
Industry Transparency Center (ITC) will administer the CCA-SVP for CCA

1st year requirements – members are to provide 3 different samples (lots) of VCO for testing to ITC. It is preferred that the 3 lots be received simultaneously. However if this is not feasible, then all lots should be received by ITC within a 3 month period.

A continuing yearly test of 1 lot will be required for ongoing Verification and membership in CCA.

Test Conformance meets condition of membership and also allows member to obtain Verified Supplier status, brand /user of CCA verified suppler terminology to be determined – ‘sourced from CCA verified supplier’ for that product.

The cost of the testing program is $1,800 for the initial 3 lot test and $900 for the ongoing yearly test of 1 lot. ITC will invoice the member/supplier at the time of submission of the samples. Testing will begin after the member pays ITC.

CCA will publish guidelines for usage of the Verified Supplier Mark. Supplier can promote this certificate as can prands per above.

Verification Process

Submission to include supplier name, lot number, date of manufacture/expiry, on the CCA form developed for this purpose. Member will notify CCA by email that samples are in process, including in BOL number.

Taking an image of the product package, and initiate submission process with primary lab including as appropriate online forms, direct engagement, or both.

ITC will prepare a packing list for the primary lab and ship samples, noting date and BOL number in the log and will ship samples by courier. ITC will send the lots to the Primary Testing Lab (Alkemist Labs, 12661 Hoover St., Garden Grove, CA, 92841) for testing. 

Member to be notified of log and test results upon receiving.

After 3 lots are tested for ID and adulteration and passed, a certificate will be issued by CCA to the supplier – supplier can promote this certificate, use the CCA verified logo, abiding by CCA guidelines. For brands that use multiple suppliers, in order to claim we ‘source from CCA verified suppliers’, all suppliers must be CCA verified. Brands can also declare this on a product specific basis providing that VCO for that product is sourced from a CCA verified brand.

If a supplier is verified upstream, a brand can refer to their suppliers’ verification.

The member will be identified as ‘verified supplier’ on the CCA website and can use on their marketing materials subject to CCA use policies (TBD by the Communications Committee).