About CCA: Coconut Coalition of the Americas

Representing all things coconut, the Coconut Coalition of the Americas provides one unified voice for the fast-growing coconut industry.

Founded in mid-2017, largely to challenge negative perceptions about coconut products including coconut oil, CCA has grown to encompass stakeholders across many coconut product categories.

CCA’s membership is comprised of companies across the coconut products value chain including suppliers, processors, brand holders, retailers and service companies with a stake in and dedicated to upholding sound and credible science, responsible communications and sustainable and transparent practices around coconut products. Meet the CCA Members>>

CCA is the only organization that brings together all coconut industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, growers, brands, and others.

We support the coconut industry through:

  • Providing one unified voice
  • Advocating for the industry
  • Sharing the facts
  • Defending the category
  • Raising awareness
  • Providing education to
    • HCPs
    • Consumers
    • Industry
    • Media