Adding coconut to food is an amazing way to spice up and make any diet richer and more flavorful. Coconut can be prepared in many exotic ways and pairs well with copious amounts of flavor enchaining foods ranging from spices to savory salts and even to deliciously sweet sugars. There are dishes taking advantage of all of these flavor combinations.

Cultures all over the world use coconut for either main dishes, snacks or additions to meals. Every culture is different and prepares coconut differently depending on the flavor goals of the meal. Coconut is usually prepared based on the main ways it can be served. Ways to serve coconut are either as a paste, water or watery, cream, milk, sap, vinegar, pulp, flower, oil, meat, nectar or sugar.

Coconut pairs well with different fruits and nuts and is often itself prepared dried or sweetened. Coconut is eaten by itself also typically as a sort of dried preparation that is either sweetened or not sweetened and is often called coconut flakes. These flakes are eaten alone or served as a topping or with other dishes.

Coconut milks, powders, oils and water are also added as flavoring to many popular dishes. Chicken, beef, fish and even pastas go amazingly well with coconut flavorings. Asian dishes use coconut as a flavor enhancing agent for many sauces, stews and pastes for meats and desserts.

Other stand alone coconut preperations are kefirs, yogurts, butters, milks, curries and ice creams. Turning coconut into these dishes is relatively easy since coconut can be fermeted and added to dairy products.

Coconut also bakes well and cookies, cakes and other baking favorites are a staple for many people. Baking with coconut usually consists of using coconut creams, flours and flakes. They are baked directly into things or added for decoration and taste. Achieving a rich coconut flavor is also possible by using combinations of coconut products such as flour, flakes and even oils.

Using combinations of coconut products to achieve a great taste within foods is definitely possible when people discover how to augment their cooking with these products. Adding oils before and during food preparation are good for infusing flavor into dishes and adding whole coconut products to dishes during and after cooking are great ways to enhance flavor. Coconut also pairs well with a variety of sweet and savory foods and preparing both flavors together is a great way to add flavor to foods.