A large amount of the coconut tree is used to manufacture and produce various coconut products. A coconut is used in combination with actual coconuts harvested from coconut trees to make a large assortment of products. Coconut trees are one of the few types of trees able to produce so many types of products. The additional benefit of the tree and the coconut synergistically producing so many products also contributes to a high yield rate, meaning a large portion of the overall tree and coconut are used to make a lot of beneficial products.

Coconut water is one of the most popular coconut products. The water is extracted when a coconut is opened and the water is then acquired. The water from coconuts is 95 percent water, 4 percent carbohydrate and 1 percent protein and fat. The water from the coconut fruit also has vitamins and minerals such as potassium and there are also sugars. The water from coconuts is used in coconut water products, flavoring, food, drinks, mixes and other dietary products.

Coconut milk is another popular coconut product. The milk from coconuts is extracted from the pulp of the coconut. The pulp is processed in various ways producing a coconut milk product. Coconut cream is also produced from the pulp of coconut and it can have different amounts of pulp.

Coconut meat and pulp in general produces a lot of coconut products. Coconut oil is from the meat of coconuts and is obtained through pressing the meat and pulp in addition to other similar methods. Coconut flour also is from the meat of coconuts. Copra from coconuts is also popular for dietary dishes. The meat of coconuts also produces virgin coconut oil in different qualities and amounts.

Coconut sap also is responsible for a lot of unique coconut products. Coconut sugar and nectar are from the flower buds of a coconut palm tree. Coconut amino acids, a popular dietary staple and sports product, are from coconut sap and so is coconut vinegar. These products are not usually refined and so they usually have a lower glycemic index.

These coconut products are gotten from various portions of the coconut tree and fruit and used for a lot of different dietary products and supplements which could be why coconut products are growing in popularity over the years. The potential to get so many products from the coconut tree and fruit also makes coconut trees a popular tree to harvest since there is a lot of demand for coconut products. Trends in coconut products tend to increase as consumers discover the many types of coconut products and their amazing benefits.