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CCA Supports the Entire Coconut Industry

We are working together in the coconut industry to maintain high quality standards and preserving the integrity of the wide array of coconut products available in the Americas. CCA is a voice for all coconut industry stakeholders, including government groups, academia, the healthcare community and the global industry.

Fight Misinformation

CCA is unified and vocal in challenging misinformation about coconut oil’s saturated fats. CCA has supported and promoted highly – accredited research that has been acknowledged by mainstream publications and experts.

Establish Quality Standards

Not all coconut is equal and trust is critical to protecting the industry. CCA has developed a VCO coconut oil verification program to help establish confidence in compliance and the consistency of an unadulterated supply chain.

Correct the Classification

Coconuts aren’t nuts. They are drupes, but the FDA for allergen purposes has misclassified them under FALCPA as a tree nut. CCA is engaging with top immunologists, food allergy associations, trade groups, HCPs and consumers to correct this.

Increase Sustainability

In 2021, CCA fielded a benchmarking survey to establish a baseline for industry measurement against the UN Sustainability Goals and is proactively working across the supply chain in communicating and supporting continuous improvement.


Supporting Coconut Farmer Families

Lighting Up Lives

CCA’s Lighting Up Lives initiatives support coconut farmer families. To date, CCA has installed solar lighting for nearly 400 coconut farmer families in the Philippines. In 2022, CCA is focused on helping provide essential school supplies and nutritional support for the children of coconut farmers.

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