We love spotlighting our members. This week’s CCA Member spotlight features Peter Kamen, Product Marketing Manage for North & South America at Franklin Baker and current CCA President. 

Please share some background information on Franklin Baker
Founded in 1895, Franklin Baker, Inc. is the premier supplier of Philippine coconut ingredients to the global food and beverage market.  We control the process from tree through shipment, allowing our customers to have the highest level of confidence and safety in the product supply chain, which makes Franklin Baker, A Cut Above the Rest.

What’s your favorite thing about coconut/the coconut industry?
Knowing that the Coconut is the “Fruit of Life”, the entire coconut is utilized; meat, water, husks.

What your vision for the coconut category?
Looking for new applications to utilize the coconut, from Coconut Water as a base for sports beverages because of the electrolytes, to Coconut Sugar as a substitute for Cane Sugar, due to its low GI. A healthier ingredient option.


CCA Member Spotlight Peter Kamen