Statement from the Coconut Coalition of the Americas on the Use of Trained Monkeys in Harvesting of Coconuts

The Coconut Coalition of the Americas (CCA), a leading voice of the coconut industry, does not condone the use of trained monkeys for harvesting coconuts. CCA members do not approve of or engage in this practice, nor do they source from suppliers who utilize trained monkey labor.

As part of the CCA Membership, within our code of conduct, all members fully commit to sustainable, responsible and humane harvesting practices. Members who discover that their supplier engages in the practice of using trained monkeys will shift sourcing and cease business arrangements with that supplier. Should a member be found to be in violation of these practices, that member will have their membership suspended until such time they can confirm compliance.

Your supplier(s) may have specific position papers from their respective company(s) and we encourage you to ask them for their written statements for your records.

Please contact CCA Executive Director Len Monheit at with any questions.

The Coconut Coalition of the Americas and its Members